Short script

A shy man must find the courage to look into the eyes of the woman who sits with him in the train compartment and with whom he is hopelessly in love.

In English.

Short script

A young artist thrives in luxury by day but faces her mortal trials in nightmares. She realizes that her ultramodern villa protects her body but leaves her soul yearning for nature's embrace. This visually striking short film script explores the separation of man from wilderness.

In French. In English.

"The Grandma is a funny, surreal, and opinionated piece about how advances in technology and society are leaving the elderly behind." (Joe Dolan)

Alternative titles: No Past - No Future

In English / Czech.


A short comedy about the lives of artists, written especially for the Spanish cultural magazine ABRIL, No. 67.

In French. In Spanish.


Feature film script

Aboard a medical train, a young doctor travels with a terrifying secret he wants to bury in a snowy taiga.

The script won second prize in the National Literary Competition in Luxembourg (2023).

They wrote about it:
"A work that stands out for its visual quality and original setting with a significant sociopolitical dimension. The mysterious atmosphere of the story creates a captivating tension that gradually reveals the tragedy haunting the main character."

In French.


A short horror comedy written for the project Dinner with a new play, organized twice a year by Theatre LETÍ in Prague.

In Czech.


A nostalgic comedy about returning to the frightening East, about redemption, forgetfulness, and ineradicable roots.

An international jury selected the concept for presentation at the TalentLab#21 theatre festival in Luxembourg (2021).

In French & other languages.

Work in progress.

An absurd comedy that depicts the evolution of a woman's soul toward men and deals with the issue of gender.

This soul is represented by its two halves, Femininum and Masculinum, who quarrel but complement each other. As they search together for a normal partner on stage, Bananaman, a caricature of a macho man, annoys the audience in the auditorium.

In Czech / French.


A surrealistic comedy, set in the cold north, revolves around a stinky beached whale and a protagonist frustrated by her emotionally distant partner.

"Mimosa de bronze" Prize, Vivons les mots 2022, an international competition for francophone playwrights.

Published by L'Harmattan, 2023.

In French / Czech / Italian.


A drama/dark comedy. As the ghost of Alice's forgotten past returns to her life, she makes him a bed on the railroad tracks.

The bilingual script was written for the Luxembourgish project KAPPKINO (Cinema in your head) and won a writing scholarship from the Fonds Culturel National de Luxembourg.

Released as a vinyl record in 2023 :

In French & Czech.

A pandemic comedy full of violence and dirty little things.
A perfectly functional couple is struggling to survive an enforced quarantine.

The winner of the national competition for original Covid-19 theatre plays, announced by Řeznická Theatre, Prague (2020).

Regularly on Czech stages from 2022.

In Czech.


What's the secret to surviving a long-term marriage? Does sclerosis give him salvation? Is she really to blame for her violent tendencies or is it a grain of Alzheimer's in her?

A one-act holiday comedy about a senior couple whose relationship deteriorates just as their festively decorated kitchen does.

In Czech.


Occasionally, a woman has to act crazy to be able to end a relationship with her unfaithful husband.

A one-act comedy (almost a one-woman show) with elements
of dark humor. Half an hour in a double bed, with a bark beetle disaster as the backdrop.

In Czech.